Rare diseases What are they?

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The Swedish definition of a rare disease is a disorder resulting in an extensive disability with a prevalence of no more than 1 in 10 000 inhabitants. The Swedish Medical Products Agency applies the European Regulation on Orphan Medicinal Products definition, a prevalence of no more than 5 in 10 000 inhabitants.

During the period January 1, 2012, until December 31, 2018, the non-profit organization Ågrenska* was assigned by the National Board of Health and Welfare to handle the Swedish National Agency for Rare Diseases (NFSD, Nationella Funktionen Sällsynta Diagnoser). The NFSD activities included the promoting of coherence and coordination of health care resources for people with rare diseases and to accomplish increased coordination with the social insurance, employment services, social services, school, and other actors. NFSD also contributed to the dissemination of knowledge and information and to the exchange of good practice and experiences.

The National Board of Health and Welfare submitted a proposal of a National Strategy in the area of rare diseases in November 2012.

*Ågrenska is a national resource and competence center, a meeting place for people with rare diseases, their families and professionals. 
www.agrenska.se, (new browser window will open)

Rare diseases – what are they?

Knowledge of rare diseases is lacking in many parts of the world. The consequences of having a rare disease are so wide-reaching that the individual or family requires great reserves of perseverance, knowledge and organizational skills. Changing the situations of people affected by rare diseases requires changes in the wider community. Diagnosis, treatment, and care need to be better. Rare diseases are leading the way in the future medical provision and health care. Major, far-reaching changes have started in Sweden.

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Länksamling per diagnos

Här kan du söka på en sällsynt diagnos och hitta en sammanställning över länkar till olika webbplatser med såväl diagnosspecifik information som information av mer generell karaktär.

Länksamling per diagnos, mer information
Illustration med Sveriges kartbild där Centrum för sällsynta diagnoser är utplacerade

Centrum för sällsynta diagnoser

Centrum för sällsynta diagnoser (CSD) finns vid universitetssjukhusen. Vid centrumen finns expertteam för olika diagnoser och diagnosgrupper. Kontakta i första hand CSD i din region för att få vägledning, hänvisning och information.

Centrum för sällsynta diagnoser, mer information
illustration:Expertteam och expertresurser i Sverige

Expertteam och expertresurser

CSD samverkar med de expertteam och expertresurser som finns inom den regionen universitetssjukhuset är belägen

Expertteam och expertresurser i Sverige, mer information
Illustration som beskriver samarbetet mellan de Europeiska referensnätverken och deras arbete

Europeiska referensnätverk, ERN

Europeiska referensnätverk är virtuella nätverk för vårdgivare i hela Europa.

Europeiska referensnätverk, mer information